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REACH is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the most effective, scientifically proven mental health care reaches all children and families. Led by national leaders in child psychiatry, psychology and pediatrics, REACH arms thousands of individuals and institutions with the best, evidence-based therapies to improve the mental health of children and adolescents.


Narrowing the Research

It takes 15‐18 years for medical innovations to reach those they are intended to help. REACH works to narrow the research‐ to‐practice gap in child mental health care to just three years by taking information and training on the most advanced, evidence‐based therapies directly to those responsible for the health care of children. 


Helping Children

REACH increases the nation’s capacity to help children with mental health disorders. There are only about 7,400 child psychiatrists practicing in our country today. Six million children and adolescents suffer from mental illness. With these numbers, each available psychiatrist would have to carry a caseload of 811.


Early Intervention

Early intervention by trained professionals is the best way to reduce costs and limit the developmental damage of child behavioral and emotional disorders,” says Peter S. Jensen, M.D., REACH Founder and Board Chair. “That is what REACH is all about." 




Join Today!

More than 4,000 pediatricians and family practitioners and 500 mental health clinicians across the nation have completed REACH programs to help them better identify and work with children with mental health problems. Join them today by enrolling in a REACH training program.




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Mission Statement

REACH's mission is to ensure that the most effective, scientifically proven mental health care reaches all children and families.


I just wanted to thank you for this amazing course. It has transformed and improved my practice

Adrienne Classen, MD
Kids Count Pediatrics, PLLC in Elkin, NC

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