Donors and Funders

REACH receives support for its work from individual donors, federal grants and contracts, state/county grants and contracts, and private foundations.

The 100% Founding Donors

As Founding Donors, each of the following individuals have donated 1% of their income in a single year. Please let us know if you are willing to join this group, eventually including a total of 100 donors who have given 100% to REACH  (100 persons x 1% of annual income each):

Lawrence Amsel, M.D.; L. Eugene Arnold, M.D.; William R. Beardslee, M.D. and Barbara O'Brien Beardslee; Daniel Callister, Esq.; M. Lynn Crismon, Pharm.D.; John Curry, Ph.D.;Kimberly E. Hoagwood, Ph.D.; Lisa Hunter Romanelli, Ph.D.; Donald G. Jacob, Ed.D.;Cornelia M. Jensen; David C. and Penelope Jensen; Jon and Michelle Jensen; Peter S. Jensen, M.D., Rebekah Jensen; Andrew Klingenstein; Thomas Klingenstein; John E. Lochman, Ph.D.; Robert Marshall, Esq.; Sally Klingenstein Martell; David A. Mosman, M.D.,Thomas H. Ollendick, Ph.D.; Jeffrey C. Schmidt, M.D.; Victoria Sharp Wheatley Schmidt;zStephen Setterberg, M.D.; Nancy Simpkins; Martin T. Stein, M.D.; Seth Thomas; Henry K. Watanabe, M.D.; Karen C. Wells, Ph.D.; Amsel Family Foundation; Center for the Advancement of Children's Mental Health, Inc.; Heymann Wolf Foundation.  If you share  REACH's vision for a brighter future for our children, please contact us.  Additional Founding Donors are urgently needed to REACH all children with mental health needs.

Additional REACH Donors

Joel Baumwoll; Cathryn Galanter, M.D.; Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D. and Kelly Campbell Hinshaw; Danielle Laraque, M.D.; Christopher M. Layne, Ph.D.; Peter Pecora, Ph.D.; Gregory A. Prince, M.D. and JaLynn Prince; Clarke Ross, D.P.A.

Federal Grants and Contracts

National Institutes of Health: 5RC1MH88922 Enhancing Pediatric Psycho Pharmacology in the Medical Home, 2009-2011

State/County Grants and Contracts

New Jersey Counties of Bergen, Hunterdon, Morris, and Warren: CATIE Training

New York State Office of Mental Health: PPP Training

New York State Department of Health: PPP Training

Nebraska Department of Health; PPP Training

North Carolina Medicaid Network, PPP Training

Health Care Organizations

Geisinger Health Systems

Private Foundations

REACH has previously received funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casey Family Programs, and the Thomas Klingenstein Foundation