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Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children

Even while still young, many children and adolescents can exhibit mental health, emotional, and behavioral problems that, when left untreated, carry over into adult life. Current estimates suggest that at least 10 million, and perhaps as many as 14 million children in the US have significant behavioral and emotional disorders, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism, severe aggression, OCD, and other significant problems. Many child mental health clinicians and scientists know this, and many have dedicated their lives to treating and/or studying behavioral problems and emotional disorders in children. However, many are frustrated with the gap that exists between science and current practices, and the unavailability of the latest evidence-based psychotherapy and medication treatments in most communities. The REACH Institute was created to bridge this gap by offering evidence-based psychotherapy training to child psychotherapists, such as training in cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior therapy for children, as well as programs for physicians and other prescribers interested in learning about pediatric psychopharmacology.